Monday 180507


Bodzii Challenge Wod

From 0:00-12:00

As many reps as possible:
50 Cal Row
40 Burpees
30 DB Thrusters
•C 50/35
•P 35/20
•F 20/15

From 12:00-18:00
Establish 1 RM Thruster (From the Rack)

From minutes 0-12 perform as many reps as possible until the clock hits 12min. At the 12 min mark you will have 6 min to establish a 1 rep max thruster taken from the rack. Your scores will be total reps + heaviest successful lift. When performing this workout at the end of the challenge you will complete it exactly the way you complete it today, meaning if you do performance today, be sure to note that so you can do performance in 4 weeks even if you are then able to complete it as comp. Be sure to post your scores to SugarWOD and submit your score to your profile if you are in the challenge.