Monday 180430


*Reminder the Lifestyle Challenge Seminar is this Tuesday at 6:00pm. Last class of the day Tuesday is 5:15pm all earlier classes will run as scheduled. If you haven’t done your InBody scans plan on attending Tuesday to get into done. Avoid wodding before the scan.   It’s not to late to get in on the action. Sign up on our website today for chance to win 2 FREE months of CrossFt.



Handstand Hold

Advanced: off the wall in place or March in place

:20 on :40 off x 8 sets


8 DB Hang C&J (Rt)

8 DB Hang C&J (Lt)

2 Wall Walks

2 Wall Facing SHSPU

•C 50/35

•P 35/20 (Regular Facing SHSPU)

•F 20/15

*Post scores to SugarWOD....