Chris Hogle Testimonial

CrossFit Burlington

When I first heard of CrossFit it was through a co-worker and I couldn't believe how often she talked about it.  She talked about it so much that it was annoying and we made fun of her and I never gave it much thought to try.

After not being able to motivate myself to go to the gym and wasting my money on a regular gym membership I came out to a free community event at COL with my coworker to try it out.  I loved the atmosphere, environment and energy in the place and had a lot of fun working out in the group setting so I decided to give it a try on a full month membership.

As I started I found that I could feel myself working harder than I had in a long time on my own and even though I was sore I always wanted to come back the next day.  I started seeing noticeable positive results in my body composition and overall health within the first 2 months.  After the second month, I started getting better at all of the complex movements really quickly and loved the progress I was making.  The community was always so supportive and encouraging and made sure to celebrate every milestone and accomplishment (however small it may be).  

Naturally, people like to talk about things they are good at and I found with CrossFit that people are generally proud of the results they achieve and that's why they want to tell you all about it!  I've been doing CrossFit for almost a year and a half now and am still improving all the time and feeling better than ever.  I'm truly grateful to the coaches at COL and the community for inspiring me and helping me achieve significantly more than I was ever able to on my own.  I got fit enough to play rugby for the first time since high school (10 years) and have even noticed improvement in some chronic shoulder pain I have had as a result of a more balanced workout regime and better overall health.