Dan's Story

"Started from the bottom, now I'm here!"

It all began December 2014. I opened a gift from my sister on Christmas and it was for a 3 month membership to Crossfit Col in Burlington. I had heard about Crossfit before but never in a million years did I think I had what it took to be a true cross-fitter.

I remember the introduction class like it was just yesterday. I showed up not sure of what to expect and Jose Nicolas was there to greet me with a "Hey Dude" and I was like "this guy seems legit" so the class finished up and I was exhausted! It was only a intro class for god sakes! I went home and thought to myself is this really for me. So the first ever true class I went to was at 6am. I was so nervous to go, but I got up the courage to get out of bed and go. Best decision I ever made!

Not only is Crossfit Col the cleanest and nicest place to workout but the people and the community that surround it are by far what keeps me coming back. Without the support of our coaches we wouldn't have the dynamic workouts we have day in and day out. It's remarkable what everyone is able to accomplish with the help of Jose, JFlo, Kass, Al, and many other coaches just to name a few.

This place has changed my life. When I started at Col I weighed 205lbs, for those that know me I'm not the tallest 5'7" on a good day. With the help from the community in just 4 months of regular cross fitting I dropped almost 35lbs! To date I weigh 170lbs (put on some muscle that's for sure). With that being said this place not only changed me physically but mentally too. Crossfit makes you push your mind to the point of exhaustion, but with the coaching staff and community behind you, you're able to push through and finish each and every WOD (workout of the day).

Crossfit Col has opened the door to networking with some great people and also helped me achieve goals I never thought imaginable. I want to say thank you to the community for always welcoming me into the box each and everyday! I love Crossfit Col and I will be a client for years to come!